Winter Coffees

When air turns crisp and begins to smell different, when temperature drops, we know it is not just the season that is changing. Our coffee cravings change too! We look for notes of caramel, chocolate, roasted nuts, cinnamon, apple, maple and cranberries.


We hope these coffees bring the same comfort and warmth to you as they did to us.


Roasted Walnuts, Peach and sweetness of Berries – cannot get more comforting than this.


MS Estate by Halflight (INR 400)


Who doesn’t want some melted dark chocolate around this time of the year? This one tastes exactly like that in a nicely brewed espresso shot


DARK DARK DARK! by Kapi Kottai (INR 420)

Boss's wife

This one shouts caramel and chocolate and is loved by Moka Pot Coffee lovers


Boss’s Wife by Savorworks (INR 430)


A must have for Aeropress lovers – creamy mouthfeel with a sweet taste and notes of roasted almonds, hazelnut and hint of cocoa. Hello Christmas!


Brazil Pico Mirante by Kaffa Cerrado (INR 450)


A sweet mix of orange and milk chocolate, this medium roast coffee tastes best when brewed in Chemex, V60 or French Press. (Appreciated by some intrepid espresso brewers too!)


Kanamad Estate – Type C1 by Kohi (INR 398)

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