Quick Brown Fox

Quick Brown Fox Coffee Roasters see the importance of every actor in the supply chain. The Third Wave brings a huge change in how coffee is grown, processed, roasted, prepared and served. Coffee today is a result of everyone’s hard work.


For QBF, the most important aspect of a coffee is the people behind it, the farmers and the farm owners who have dedicated their lives to produce exceptional coffee. All of them produce specialty coffee that is traceable and grown in a sustainable manner. Their approach to coffee roasting is to highlight the flavors of the origin, so that you can taste the land it comes from. Behind every cup is a story, one created by producers, roasters and baristas. It explains why a coffee is distinctive, why a consumer can taste certain notes and why high-quality coffee takes so much work. At QBF, they want you to experience this story in every cup.




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Roast Level: MEDIUM
V 60, Aeropress, Chemex
Nintai / 忍耐
Roast Level: MEDIUM
V 60, Aeropress, French press
Riverdale Estate N48
Roast Level: MEDIUM-DARK
Espresso, Moka pot
Bettadakhan Estate
Roast Level: MEDIUM
Espresso, Moka pot
Gowri Estate SL 9