Step 1

Grind your Coffee

For a 3-Cup Moka Pot, take about 14 gm coffee and grind it slightly coarser than espresso.

Step 2

Add grounds to filter basket

Put your coffee grounds in the filter basket and gently tap the edge to evenly spread the grounds. Do not tamp.

Step 3

Fill bottom chamber with hot water

Heat water to 85 degree in a kettle. This step saves time and prevents the grounds from burning. Fill the bottom chamber with hot water just below the steam valve.

Step 4

Place on Stove-top

Screw the bottom chamber and place it on stove-top over low heat. Leave the lip open to keep a watch on extraction.

Step 5

Turn-off the heat

As soon as coffee starts to flow into the top chamber, lower the heat and turn it off after 40-45 seconds. Do not wait for all the water to flow out.

Step 6


Pour it into a warm cup. You can drink it with warm water or milk.