Kohi Roasters

KŌHĪ is a Japanese term that literally means coffee. KŌHĪ Roasters India started as a project to bring out the best in Indian coffees. Inspired by the Japanese zen philosophy, KŌHĪ roasters concentrate on the simplicity and quality of roasting coffee. KŌHĪ roasters strive towards freshness, consistency and sustainability. They work with some of the best, award winning plantations who inculcate ethical growing practices and are as passionate in growing coffee as KŌHĪ Roasters are in roasting them.


Every aspect of coffee starting from the coffee varietal, the planters passion and perseverance, selecting best beans from the harvest, using innovative processing methods, finding the right profile for that coffee, roasting them and delivering them fresh, plays an important role in bringing you closer to that perfect brew in a cup. We hope you have a good one and hope their coffees stir your souls.



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Roast Level: LIGHT - MEDIUM
V 60, Chemex, French press
Ethiopian Guji Naturals
Roast Level: LIGHT - MEDIUM
V 60, Espresso, Aeropress
Ethiopian Guji Washed