Pour Over

Hot water is poured over coffee grounds and the resultant brew is extracted in a coffee mug or carafe.  Pour Over method – V60 and Chemex give a cleaner cup (Chemex more than V60) and brings out subtleties of coffees. Check out V60 and Chemex brewing guide. 

Moka Pot

This stove-top method produces strong, intense and concentrated (high brew ratio) coffee. Check out Moka Pot brewing guide.


Good espresso machines do not come cheap. Cafflano Kompresso is a low maintenance and a very handy alternative to make espresso consistently producing pressure higher than 9 Bar.


Easy to use, travel friendly portable equipment produces a clean cup of coffee.

French Press

This is one of the easiest brew method but that does not make the cup any less delicious! Check out French Press brewing guide.

Cold Brew

Make delicious and clean cold brew at home. No more trips to the coffee shop!


Nothing tastes like freshly brewed coffee, ground fresh. Check out our grind size guide for various brewing methods.


Just like in baking, measurement with precision is important while brewing coffee. Every extra gram of coffee can make the resultant brew taste very different. Gooseneck kettle helps in uniform extraction of coffee.