As a fifth-generation coffee planter, Shravan – founder of Beanrove has directly and indirectly been involved in the Indian Specialty Coffee sector since 2003 in varying roles and capacities.Getting involved in the farm management, processing, marketing to organizing, studying and competing in international/domestic competitions and courses, he always had the desire to share information back to the larger Indian coffee farm sector, which largely had no access to the same.Beanrove was the culmination of Shravan’s vision and desire to create a transparent information sharing platform with the entire infrastructure provided for a farm to reach the final market.


Shravan says” Over the last year, the learning process has not stopped. While we were successful in introducing new single estate coffees, we also have tremendously learned a lot more about the coffee value chain and its complexity. Our target is to make things uncomplicated in the coming days and make good traceable coffees understandable and accessible to everyone.”



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