Why do we exist? 

We help coffee lovers discover and taste ‘good’ coffee.

Sometimes fruity, sometimes strong & bold or sometimes a smooth and balanced cup – coffee has unique flavours that are specific to its origin, it’s variety, processing method and roasting style. We help coffee drinkers and brewers experience these flavours at our coffee shops or at home.


We bring to you nation’s finely roasted coffees selected after thorough tasting sessions.

The coffee roasters that we work with are extremely passionate about coffee and they make sure that every batch is roasted with TLC.

The artisan coffee roasters work really hard to make sure that the coffee that reaches brewers, lives up to its potential and tastes great. These gifted coffee roasters totally deserve to be discovered.

Our Coffee Shops

Yes, we have two outlets in Gurgaon – One Horizon Center and Galleria Market where we brew fresh coffee with passion and love coming from specialty coffee roasters. Drop by for coffee or even if you just want to talk about coffee. We love to talk.